nano-premixer PR-1
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Research Overview

We develop new composite materials using organic and inorganic materials, and we evaluate the electrical insulation properties, etc., of those composite materials.
For example, we conducted a research for developing polymer insulators as an alternative for porcelain insulators. Polymer insulators are composites that are mainly consisting of ceramics and silicone rubber. Usually the composite consists of micro-sized materials, but we evaluated how their properties would change when they become nano-sized.
We were using a probe sonicator to deagglomerate the materials to nano-size.
However, its high output cavitation caused resin burning and non-uniform dispersion.To avoid these issues, we had to move the probe manually to achieve a uniform dispersion, but it was labor-intensive. With PR-1, we are able to seek the way to achieve uniform nano-dispersion at any experimental condition without moving the materials.

Nano Premixer "PR-1" Features and Principle

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