About Dispersion Technology

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"Dispersed" status is where the dispersed material is particulate and the particles exist evenly in the dispersing media. In the example of an LED, when the fluorescent material "powder" (several micron-sized particles) is distributed evenly in silicon resin, it is referred to as "evenly dispersed". Generally speaking, in order to bring out the primary characteristics of the material to the maximum extent, it is considered desirable for it to be in an evenly dispersed state.

  • Basic structure in white LED packagwhite LED
  • Figure 2-1 Basic structure in white LED package (right) | SEM image of LED phosphor (left)

  • Dispersion of silicate phosphor Dispersion of YAG phosphor
  • Figure 2-3 Dispersion of LED phosphor material and silicone resin

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