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Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

A planetary centrifugal mixer uses a mechanism where the container holding the material revolves clockwise and the container itself rotates counter-clockwise.

  • Rotation and revolution mechanism
  • Figure 3-1 Rotation and revolution mechanism illustration

Description of mixing principle

The centrifugal force (400G) produced by the high-speed rotation and revolution depresses the material in the container, and generates vertical spiral convection. This vertical spiral convection is continuously generated to blend and disperse the materials evenly.

  • Sectional observation of clay
  • Figure 3-1 Oil clay mixing experiment


(1) Even mixing of high-viscosity material in a small amount of time
The planetary centrifugal mixer excels with high-viscosity materials that are difficult to mix with propeller mixers or stirrers. Thinky's planetary centrifugal mixer can mix material with a viscosity of several million mPa s using powerful centrifugal acceleration.

(2) Dispersing without shearing
Mixers with strong shearing force such as twin screw extruders may shear the filler while mixing. A planetary centrifugal mixer mixes materials gently without shearing, enabling even blending while maintaining the material's solid state properties (Yajima Laboratory, Tokyo University of Science).

  • Conductivity chart by Yajima Laboratory
  • Figure 3-2 Conductivity chart by Yajima Laboratory

(3) High reproducibility of dispersion
Automated mixing eliminates man-caused fluctuation of dispersion caused by manual mixing. For instance, by mixing frozen soldering paste with Thinky's solder paste mixer (SR-500), the paste's viscosity can be made even from the surface to the bottom. The material's temperature after mixing is room-temperature and with high reproducibility.

  • SR-500 temperature reproducibility chartSR-500 viscosity distribution chart
  • Figure 3-2 SR-500 viscosity distribution chart and temperature reproducibility chart

(4) No need to clean the apparatus
A planetary centrifugal mixer mixes by the centrifugal force of rotation and revolution, and does not have mixing blades, which eliminates the need for cleaning blades such as with the standard propeller mixer. In addition, operating efficiency can be further improved by using a disposable or paper cup as the mixing container.

  • A disposable cup and the adapterA paper cup and the adapter
  • Figure 3-3 A disposable cup and the adapter, A paper cup and the adapter

(5) Reduction of material loss
By switching the mixing container to one with a smaller capacity depending on the amount of material, the amount of material stuck inside the container can be reduced. *Dedicated adapter required.

  • Ointment small containers are reducing material lossIdeal for stirring in small amounts
  • Figure 3-4 A plastic ointment jar and the adapter

(6) Easy operation and memory function
Traditional mixers may require setting of many parameters, as well as skills and experience in operating the apparatus. In addition, mixing manually may result in unevenness depending on the operator. Thinky's planetary centrifugal mixer can evenly mix and deaerate materials just by simple operation of setting the number of rotations and the time. Mixing and deaeration setting can be saved into the memory, effectively routinizing the operation.

  • ARE-310
  • Figure 3-5 Control panel, memory function


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