About Syringe Filling

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Filling Syringes

Refers to filling of material into syringes after mixing and deaeration.


The material mixed and deaerated by Thinky's planetary centrifugal mixer can be filled straight into syringes (For soldering paste, please use material mixed with the atmospheric pressure type SR-500).

Thinky's fillers prevent catching and immixing of air (bubbles) during the process by filling in vacuum. We provide two lines of fillers: one is the automatically-controllable ARC-600TWIN developed for the sealing process in liquid crystal panel (LCD) production, and another is the manual ARC-40* which assumes use in laboratories and small production sites. In accordance with requirements, small-capacity syringes to large-capacity barrels/cartridges can be filled.

Description of Introduced Fields=Examples

  • After filling solder paste by ARC-40  After filling LED material by ARC-40
  • After filling solder paste by ARC-40(left)*  After filling LED material by ARC-40(right)*
    *Present Model:ARC-40H

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