Message from the President

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Message from the President

Our Amazing Technology

We were the first company to succeed in developing the stirring bladeless planetary centrifugal mixers used at NASA, Boeing, Pfizer, MIT, and countless other corporations, universities, research, and other organizations institutions around the world. Our mixers can even mix materials with a viscosity as high as 1 million centipoise in just a few minutes while deaerating them at the same time.

Rewriting induy rules

By developing and providing planetary centrifugal mixers, we have rewritten the rules in various industrial fields. We have made it possible to mix ointments, which had been the most difficult task at compounding pharmacies, in 30 seconds. We have succeeded in mixing together any number of materials that had previously been considered unmixable. We will continue to accept the challenges of accomplishing what various industries may say cannot be done.

The world's top mixer manufacturing and engineering corporation

Thanks to you, our planetary centrifugal mixers have gained world-wide acclaim as the only mixers that can simultaneously stir and deaerate.There is still much for us to do in our development of leading edge mixer technology in areas such as stirring process solution engineering and in the development technology for mixing advanced materials.

Our Goals

Our near-term goal is to implement an initial public offering of stock within the shortest practical amount of time. Our mid-term goal is to become a global corporation, for what we need most are talented people of diverse nationalities who will aim for the top together with us. We are looking for personnel who will help us continue to develop the world's best mixers and to challenge the current and future limits of our industry.

President Shigeharu Ishii


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