Customers' comments on Solder Paste Mixer

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Customers' comments on Solder Paste Mixer

Introduced models

Introduced model:SP-500*, SR-500 (*Discontinued model)
■Equivalent current model:SR-500

11 users of Solder Paste Mixer series

We would like to share 11 cases from "customers' comments" received from many companies that have adopted this product.

1. Medium-sized solder company that specializes in high-density packaging
We had had problems caused by "solder ball spattering" for low melting point solder, but since we adopted "Solder Paste Mixer", defects caused by "solder ball spattering" have decreased significantly. We also like the ease of use.

2. Transportation equipment manufacturing plant
After adopting Solder Paste Mixer, the incidence of "solder ball spattering" was reduced by 50% or more. The movement of the squeegee is smooth, and clogging of printing plates has been dramatically reduced. We purchased this product because it can mix "solder" evenly and disperse "bubbles" and "water" contained in materials uniformly throughout the materials so that we can "control viscosity".

3. Leading general electric manufacturer
Solder Paste Mixer has the program function as a standard function, and we believe it can adequately handle new types of solder materials that will appear in the future. Since we make many trials, it is very helpful that it does not require time to be left at room temperature to prevent condensation. Ease of use for overall operation is also appreciated on site.

4. Leading packaging equipment manufacturer that handles its own products as well as EMS business
We have had doubts about the quality of solder material itself. After adopting Solder Paste Mixer, "voids" and other defects are improved due to stable "viscosity", no "flowing out" after reflow, and elimination of big "bubbles". We are currently studying mixing recipes more strictly for each "solder" in use. We look forward to the future because our packaging technology will be further improved.

5. IC device component manufacturer
We handle special solder materials of which particles are 60 to 70 µm, but after many meetings, we could make our unique mixing processing into recipes using THINKY's application technologies. Previously, we were using five mixers of another company, but we purchased several Solder Paste Mixers at once because ① "syringe" can be used and ② operation is easy. Processing of large amounts of "solder" used to be hard, but with two "Solder Paste Mixers", the same amount of "solder" as before can be processed comfortably.

6. Leading audio equipment manufacturer
There was not much difference as we had expected regarding "void", maybe because the composition of "solder" itself and reflow profile have a significant influence on it. However, because everyone can mix "solder" evenly using this product, and it does not require time to stand at room temperature to prevent condensation, we could stabilize work on site by streamlining it. Since we have many factories overseas, we are considering adoption of this product for stabilizing quality.

7. Leading EMS company that handles contract manufacturing from several electronic equipment manufacturers
We used to use another company's product, but we decided to purchase "Solder Paste Mixer" because it has good mixing results, can mix with "syringe", and causes less vibration during operation. It is appreciated on site because of the ease of use and the fact that it can mix partially used solder which has a different weight compared to unused solder.

8. Manufacturer that makes connection parts for electronic equipment
We purchased custom adapters and used them for containers dedicated for special small amounts of "solder" we use. We decided to purchase this product because it can handle light weight "solder" of 500 g or less, and has various program functions.

9. Leading automotive electronics production factory
To prepare for the future of significantly changing solder materials such as lead (Pb)-free, low silver (Ag), and low halogen, we repeated sampling evaluations and made the optimal conditions of mixing programs into data before use on the production line. The result was good, so we switched some of the existing mixers of another company to the "Solder Paste Mixer" of THINKY.

10. Medium-sized solder company that handles packaging of measuring instruments and information equipment
We first applied for a free loan in order to evaluate the performance of "Solder Paste Mixer", focusing on improvement of printability as the selection criterion. The result was good, so we decided to purchase. As the result of evaluation, (1) uniform dispersion of "solder" particles, (2) reduction of "bubble size", (3) uniform dispersion of "bubbles" and (4) improvement of processing capability cleared the evaluation standards significantly. It is a very helpful item on site where high-quality packaging is done with various small amounts of "solder", and we are very happy to have it.

11. Communication equipment manufacturer
Due to the nature of our products, they are often used under severe conditions, not only "solder" but also "coating materials" are printed in substrate printing. In substrate printing, we use "Solder Paste Mixer" for mixing cream solder, and "Deaeration Mixer" for mixing "coating materials". "Solder Paste Mixer" is of course excellent in mixing "solder", but the performance of "Deaeration Mixer" is very effective in mixing high viscosity adhesive. These are very helpful for improving packaging technology and streamlining work on the production site. We also want to consider adoption of the vacuum type ARV-310 in the future.

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