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Before pulverizing Phenytoin After pulverizing Phenytoin
Phenytoin original bulk
(average particle size: about 10μm)
Pulverized Phenytoin bulk
(average particle size: about 100nm)
Evaluation by XRD Evaluation by DCS
Evaluation by XRD
(Powder X-ray diffraction)
Evaluation by DCS
(Differential scanning calorimetry)

SEM images of phenytoin that is a poor water soluble drug are presented in bulk powder and as processed by the nano pulverizer NP-100. The SEM images reveal that the micro level phenytoin bulk powder has been pulverized into a nano level size. XRD and DSC also indicate that the crystalline nature of phenytoin had been retained after the pulverization and no amorphous had been generated.

Takatsuka, T., Tomoko, E., Yao, J., Kayo, Y and Naofumi., H : Nanosizing Poorly Water Soluble Compounds Using Rotation/Revolution Mixer Chem. Pharm. Bull. 57(10) 1061--1067 (2009)

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