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Product List

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum type)

"THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum type) Simultaneous processing of mixing and deaeration

  • AR-100

    Maximum capacity 140g

  • ARE-310

    Maximum capacity 310g

  • ARE-400TWIN

    Maximum capacity 400g×2

  • ARE-500

    Maximum capacity 1.1kg

Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer "THINKY MIXER" (Vacuum type)

  • ARV-50LED

    Maximum capacity 113g

  • ARV-310/310LED

    Maximum capacity 310g

  • ARV-930TWIN

    Maximum capacity 930g x 2

  • ARV-5000

    Maximum capacity 5kg

  • ARV-3000TWIN

    Maximum capacity 5kg x 2

  • ARV-10kTWIN

    Maximum capacity 14.5kg x 2

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY Solder Paste Mixer"

Optimizes solder cream's temperature and viscosity in a small amount of time

  • SR-500

    Maximum capacity 680g

Vacuum Syringe Charger

Capable of filling from small-capacity syringes to large-capacity barrel cartridges

  • ARC-40H

    Maximum capacity (fills four 10ml
    syringes at once)

  • ARC-600TWIN

    Maximum capacity (SUS container,
    conversion as LCD sealant)
    600g x 2

Nano Pulverizer

NP-100 Lowered temperature brings nano pulverization in just a few minutes

  • NP-100

    Volume of material 100mg - 10g

Nano Premixer

Disperses nano-materials in a safe and reproducible manner

  • NP-100

    Maximum procesing volume 5ml

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