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Containers and Adapters

Providing a line-up of various adapters
for specific kinds of containers
Supports a wide range of applications
with cold-insulated and heat-resistant adapters
We can create and provide a new adapter
to support your designated container

Line-up of adapters for various applications

Supports material manufacturer's shipping containers (for silver paste and for 500g soldering paste)

Supports containers for dispensing process / for syringes and barrels (multiple number of syringes / barrels)

Supports various commercial ointment containers / 10-100ml containers of various companies can be used

Supports various disposable containers and paper cups

Supports sterile containers for suspension and test reagent preparation / for vial containers

Supports cases where material temperature rise needs to be suppressed during mixing / Cold-insulated adapter for 100ml disposable container

Supports cases where heated material temperature needs to be maintained / SUS container + heat-resistant adapter

Past examples of custom adapters

We are willing to consider the container you choose. Please feel free to let us know.

Tube-type container (pharmaceutical company)

Sealing cartridge-type container (automotive manufacturer)

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