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Nano Premixer PR-1

Nano Premixer PR-1

The next generation ultrasonic mixer that disperses nano-materials in a safe and reproducible manner

PR-1 is designed to highly reproduce the dispersion of nano-materials such as CNTs, while operating safely by keeping the sample in an enclosed container. The dual-sonic technology (patented) rotates the container at a high speed while ultrasonic irradiates from the bottom and side of the ultrasonic bath. Rotating the container at an angle of 45℃ causes convection in the materials, and thus ultrasonic irradiates the entire sample.


Highly Reproducible Dispersion

Safe Operation in an Enclosed Container

Unique Dispersion Technology (Patented)

Water Temperature Control Using Cooling Unit

Low Runnning Cost



■Unit Dimensions/H400 X W450 X D380 (mm)
■Unit Weight/approx. 25kg
■Maximum Processing Volume Approx. 5ml
*Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

  • Water temperature control of the ultrasonic bath water
  • Test tube-shaped vial
  • When the attachment connection
  • Dual-sonic technology(patented)


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