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Nano Pulverizer NP-100

Nano Pulverizer NP-100

Nano pulverizing of material
at low temperatures
Minimal (100mg) quantities
can be pulverized in a short time.

Nano Pulverizer NP-100 was designed with an optimized planetary centrifugal ratio to maximize the collision energy. NP-100 has strong centrifugal forces caused by rotation and revolution motion. The centrifugal forces add acceleration to the pulverizing media (zirconia balls) and strongly pulverize materials. Although dry-milling less than 3 micron pulverization is principally difficult, wet-milling enables nano pulverizing.


Pulverizing quantity Minimal 100mg (10ml liquid) to Maximal 10g.

Pulverizing time 2-5 minutes.

Provides standard recipes for pulverizing.

Contamination is minimized in a closed container.


■Unit Dimensions/H785 X W625 X D600 (mm)
■Unit Weight/approx. 96kg
■Volume of Material 100mg - 10g
*Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

  • when opened
  • control panel
  • container
  • zirconia ball
  • Accessories included


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