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Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum type)

Brings simultaneous processing of mixing and deaeration by the 2 centrifugal forces: rotation and revolution
Mixing system that does not shear the filler achieves excellent uniform dispersion performance
Utilized in laboratories for research and development, and at the cutting edge of manufacturing

9 Features of THINKY MIXER

Even mixing of high-viscosity material in a small amount of time

Dispersion of materials such as filler without shearing

Brings high reproducibility of dispersion

Removes visually recognizable air bubbles in a small amount of time

Deaeration of high viscosity material

Reduces material loss

Easy operation and memory function

No need to clean

Scalability from small capacity to large capacity

THINKY MIXER is able to simultaneously carry out the two processes, "mixing" and "deaeration" which have been considered as separate for a long time.

The superior uniform mixing and deaeration performance has contributed to addressing various issues that come up when studying and developing materials. As a tool capable of efficient dispersion and deaeration in a small amount of time, in the field of various functional materials including composite materials with nano material which has been attracting attention recently, Thinky Mixer has been widening its field of utilization from research and development to manufacturing production. Especially, for mixing and dispersing of high polymer materials including high viscosity resin and polymers and various fillers, its capability to process without shearing the filler and maintaining the solid state properties is drawing attention.

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