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Planetary Centrifugal Solder Paste Mixer SR-500

Planetary Centrifugal Solder Paste Mixer SR-500

Special purpose machine
that can optimize temperature
and viscosity preparations
and dispersion and deaeration
of solder paste at the same time

Can prepare uniform viscosity in a short time for solder paste just taken from cold storage without bringing it back to room temperature. Metal particles with high specific gravity such as solder particles settle to the bottom of containers in cold storage and cause differences in material viscosity. The SR-500 regulates the viscosity of solder paste in a short time, with uniform viscosity from top to bottom. Also, because it can remove air bubbles thought to cause spattering of solder balls, it contributes to reducing the defect rate.


Can immediately prepare cold stored solder paste without bringing it back to room temperature

By optimizing the mixing recipe, viscosity preparation and temperature preparation for solder paste is easy.

Removes large air bubbles in the paste, which are considered the cause of solder paste defects.

Handles commercial 500g solder paste containers as is

Restirs and redisperses solder paste that has been used

Supports solder paste in syringes by using the optional adapter


■Unit Dimensions/H390XW300XD340 (mm)
■Unit Weight/approx. 18kg
■Maximum Capacity*1/680g
■Standard Container*2/150 ml resin container
*1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.
*2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

  • SR-500
  • SR-500


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