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Vacuum Syringe Charger

Filling syringes with material straight from the Deaeration Mixer after being mixed and deaerated
The manual type ARC-40H that supports manual work efficiency

6 features of THINKY Syringe Charger

You can fill material straight from the Deaeration Mixer after mixing and deaerating

No air bubbles mix in due to the filling operation under vacuum pressure

Support possible from small volume syringes to large volume barrels

Multiple syringes can be filled at the same time

Work proceeds smoothly and continuously from mixing to filling because the Deaeration Mixer is compatible with containers

There are few expendable parts reducing running costs

Improved precision in filling reduces defects during potting

The THINKY ARC series syringe charger has been developed to fill syringes and barrels with mixed and deaerated material straight from the planetary centrifugal Deaeration Mixer while maintaining quality. Because the filling operation is performed under vacuum pressure, mixing in of air bubbles is held to the minimum. Because multiple syringes can be filled at the same time, work efficiency can be improved and upgraded. Also, because uniformly dispersed material can be filled at that quality, defects can be reduced at the time of potting which is thought to be caused by undispersed material and large air bubbles.

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