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Vacuum Syringe Charger ARC-40H

Vacuum Syringe Charger  ARC-40H

High efficiency of material charging for small volume syringes

ARC-40H is developed for the purpose of easy, quick and bubble free charging materials after mixed, defoamed and dispersed by THINKY MIXER. Small syringes such as 3ml, 5ml and 10ml can be used. The simple configuration allows for easy cleaning.


Able to charge materials into 3ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes, which are too small to charge manually.

Up to 4 syringes can be charged at one time effectively.

Capable for materials from low to high viscosity.

The process from mixing and defoaming to charging is integrated by THINKY products.

Easy to clean


■Unit Dimensions/H550 X W220 X D140 (mm)
■Unit Weight/approx. 7.5kg
■Max. processing volume/Simultaneous filling of four 10 ml syringes

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