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Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer "THINKY MIXER" ARV-3000TWIN

Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer

Complete deaeration
at the submicron level
with the even larger
capacity of 3LX2

Achieved the large capacity of 3L・5kgX2 while maintaining the simultaneous processing of mixing, dispersion and deaeration (defoaming) without boiling over. This model plays an active role in increasing efficiency and productivity as well as improving quality because it can process a large amount of materials at once on a mass production line. It can completely remove bubbles at the submicron level in a few minutes even when highly viscous materials are used with the addition of high technology that can make the inside of the mixing container or container holder high vacuum. Also, optimal setting according to materials is possible by changing the number of rotations.


No boiling over of materials during operation because the optimal recipe for material can be set.

Contribute to streamlining of overall mixing and deaeration processing such as increase of processing amount, standardization of work, quality stabilization, reduction of material loss.

Can support deaeration of sealant for ODF processing and major ODF sealant processing.

Can support particle-less, clean room class 1000.

■Unit Dimensions/H1600 (Max when the door is open) x W1024 x D892 (mm)
■Unit Weight/approx. 800kg
■Maximum Capacity*1/5kg×2
■Standard Container*2/Specially designed SUS containers / 4 liter resin containers
*1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.
*2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

  • ARV-3000TWIN
  • ARV-3000TWIN
  • ARV-3000TWIN
  • ARV-3000TWIN
  • ARV-3000TWIN
  • ARV-3000TWIN


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