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Demo Mixer Request

To take advantage of the opportunity to try a THINKY MIXER for free, please follow the instructions below.

Demo Model Types

This non-vacuum mixer is incredibly versatile and the rigid frame makes it very durable. It has a compact and lightweight design.
Mixes, deaerates, and completely eliminates submicron air bubbles through the simultaneous use of vacuum decompression and our rotation and revolution technology.
* If you are interested in a model other than the above mentioned, please contact us.

How to request a demo mixer

Please fill out our inquiry form and select "Demo Mixer Request" as your reason for contacting us.
A THINKY representative will contact you to confirm your information.
A demo product will be sent to you after confirmation.

Demo Mixer Terms & Conditions

Equipment ARE-310, ARV-310V
If you are interested in a different model, please contact us.
Cost We ask that you pay for the shipping and insurance costs to and from your location.
Demo Lending Terms You may use the product up to five business days from the date of delivery.
* Please note that there is a limited number of demo mixers available. In the event that all our demo mixers are on loan, your demo mixer delivery day may change. We will do our best to deliver the demo mixer as soon as possible.
Availability The United State of America
How To Return the Demo Product Return the demo using your shipping account and be sure to include insurance.
Return as per the instructions on the Free Trial Agreement.

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